Tricks to Thaw Frozen Chicken Safely

Currently shopping is not only done daily, but also weekly or even monthly. Not limited to vegetables and fruit, chicken meat is also one of the usual food ingredients purchased in frozen conditions. Thawing frozen chicken safely is very important to guarantee the delicious taste, while avoiding yourself from the risk of dangerous food poisoning. How to thaw frozen chicken meat Before handling frozen chicken, wash your hands thoroughly. Washing hands before and after processing frozen chicken meat is recommended to prevent the spread of germs. In thawing frozen chicken meat, there are 3 safe choices. Let frozen chicken runny liquid by itself The first method that can be used to thaw frozen chicken meat is to remove it from the freezer and move it to the bottom of the refrigerator. This method is considered the safest way, but it has weaknesses because the process is the longest. Frozen chunks of chicken can thaw after one night, while whole chicken takes longer. Every 2 kg of
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